Comet NEOWISE is now visible

Neowise Comet : Lorain

(Cleveland) - We had two previous comets this year travel through our sky, but they were duds, according to Cleveland State Research Astronomer Jay Reynolds.

But now we all have the chance to easily see a comet again. Neowise can be seen in the Northwestern sky after the sun sets-- about an hour after dark, just look right of where the sun sets.

Reynolds advises to wait until it's dark, look to the right of where the sun sets and the comet should be visible.

According to Jay Reynolds:

Neowise has a core of rock & water, nearly 3 miles across. Very large for a comet.

Neowise’s orbit, recently carried it around the sun and is now, heading back into space. It will return to our region of the solar system, in approximately 6,750 years.

Where & When to see it

Where:  Look in the North West sky. Approximately one-fist (at arm’s length) above the horizon, to the right, of where the sunset occurred.

When: For the next ‘week’, it should be visible: perhaps as early as 9:30

Prime time is 10:00pm - 11:00pm

Every day, at 10pm, the comet will be higher, approximately by, two (2) degrees, every day, until July 30th.

The good news is, you don't need a telescope-- the comet is easy to see just using the naked eye.

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photo by: Frank Shoemaker

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