Ohio Turnpike Issues Weather Related Restriction for High-Profile Vehicles

BEREA, Ohio (March 24, 2023) – Ahead of an expected major weather event with high winds and rain, the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission has issued a travel restriction across the entire 241-mile toll road for all high-profile vehicles from 11 a.m., Saturday, March 25, 2023, to 8 p.m., Saturday, March 25, 2023. (High-profile vehicles are heights exceeding 7 feet and 6 inches.)

The following types of vehicles will be prohibited from traveling on the Ohio Turnpike until the travel restriction is canceled or expires:

  • All high-profile tow-behind trailers, campers, boats, and enclosed trailers. (Fifth-wheel trailers are excluded.);
  • Commercial trucks towing an empty single 53-foot trailer;
  • All mobile homes, office trailers, and livestock trailers;
  • All long combination vehicles (LCV) include long double-trailer combinations exceeding 90 feet in length. (Enclosed trailers only, including Conestoga-type trailers); and
  • All LCV triple-trailer combinations.

Photo: Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission

The following types of vehicles will be permitted to travel on the Ohio Turnpike:

  • Self-propelled motor homes;
  • Low-profile trailers;
  • Fold-down camper trailers;
  • Pickup trucks with slide-on camper units;
  • Vehicles towing fifth-wheel type trailers or any other type of trailers towed by passenger vehicles or pickup trucks;
  • Commercial trucks towing single flatbed or box-type trailers;
  • Commercial trucks towing a single 53-foot trailer with cargo/loaded;
  • Commercial trucks towing a car hauler trailer;
  • Commercial trucks towing flatbed double-trailer combinations more than 90 feet;
  • Commercial trucks hauling any double-trailer combinations less than 90 feet;
  • 2-axle buses less than 40 feet; and
  • Buses with three or more axles less than 45 feet.

The implemented travel restriction will be continually evaluated throughout the weather event.

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