Inmates Found At IHOP After Using Toothbrush To Escape Jail

Photo: Getty Images-Valerie Loiseleux

Two Virginia jail inmates have been recaptured after they used a sharpened toothbrush to dig their way out of their cell -- but not before stopping at an IHOP for breakfast.

The unidentified men, 37 and 43, were found to be missing from their cell at the Newport News Jail Annex on Monday, according to officials with the Newport News Sheriff's Office. Guards found that the men had used a toothbrush to dig through the wall until they reached rebar -- and then they used that to dig the rest of the way out, sheriff's officials say. After that, they scaled an outer containment wall and ran, authorities say.

Apparently, the harrowing escape caused the duo to work up appetites. Instead of running as far as they could, they stopped at a local IHOP to eat -- despite looking like they'd just escaped from jail. Customers called authorities, and both men were still sitting in their booth when deputies arrived. There's no word on who picked up the check.

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