Local Governments & Non-Profits Can Submit Community Funding Requests

CLEVELAND - U.S. Congressman Max Miller, R-Rocky River, announced that local governments and non-profits can now submit requests for Community Project Funding.

CPF draws from existing grant programs and is awarded to address high-priority needs widely supported by their communities. This process allows elected members of Congress to decide where federal dollars should be spent rather than relinquishing the responsibility to the Biden administration and federal bureaucracies. Funding through this program is capped at 0.5 percent of federal discretionary spending.

“Community Project Funding provides an opportunity to bring federal dollars home to serve the people of Ohio’s Seventh District. This is existing grant money that can be used to support our local communities,” Miller said.

The form to submit a funding request can be found here.

Requests are due no later than noon Friday, March 17.

To be eligible to receive funding through this program, the project must demonstrate substantial community support, cover a period for only FY24, and come from a local government or non-profit entity. For-profit applicants are not eligible for CPF.

For more information on programs available for CPF funding, applicants are encouraged to review the guidance provided by the Appropriations Committee and corresponding subcommittees.

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