Florida Motorcyclist Hit By Truck After Flipping Off Cops

Photo: Getty Images-ABDULLAH DOMA

A motorcyclist in Florida who was fleeing from police officers over the weekend clearly thought he was giving them the slip, so he flipped them off just before he sped through an intersection -- where he was hit by a truck.

The man, later identified as Joshua Richardson, was part of a group of motorcycle riders being pursued by police after they were caught popping wheelies and driving unsafely, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. Dashcam video shows Richardson turn around and hold up his middle finger -- just before he's T-boned by an oncoming truck.

Bodycam footage shows deputies handcuffing Richardson, who tells them, "I'm hurt." One of the deputies responds by calling him an "idiot." Richardson says, "I know." It's unclear if the other motorcyclists were captured.

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