Heinz Will Honor Man Who Survived Ordeal At Sea On Ketchup


The man who spent weeks lost at sea with only ketchup to keep him alive is getting a gift from Heinz.

No, it's not a lifetime supply of ketchup. Dominican sailor Elvis Francois is getting a brand new, state-of-the art boat, Heinz officials say. The news comes two months after the 47-year-old Francois' boat drifted out to sea while he was repairing it on the island of Saint Martin. He ended up being lost at sea for 24 days with little more than a bottle of ketchup to eat.

Since he was rescued, Heinz has been looking for Francois, heading the #FindTheKetchupGuy campaign on Twitter and putting in calls to the Dominican government. A company spokesman says Heinz wanted to give Francois a boat "with full navigational technology" to "avoid another disaster in the future."

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