Twins (Not The Baseball Team) Almost Buy $800 Worth Of Snacks On Instacart

Instacart company closeup sign is seen in Toronto, Canada.

Photo: Getty Images

 Mom Jessica Aiwuyor is sharing a near Instacart disaster so parents can be aware.

Her twin six-year-olds apparently got the munchies and hopped on the app.

They picked out four packages of Lunchables and Korean-style dumplings, multiple packages of Oreo ice cream sandwiches and Tyson Any’tizers, several beverages including apple juice, Kool-Aid Bursts and a gallon of Turkey Hill lemonade.

Among the goodies were also 35 packs of Capri Sun and 28 bags of assorted chips.

The total came to nearly $800.

The relieved mom says the only thing stopping the order from actually being placed was that the kiddos couldn’t figure out the last few steps!

Keep those phones locked!

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