Behind The Scenes At Cleveland's Auto Show At The IX Center

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The Cleveland Auto Show is attracting everyone, from sports car lovers to truck enthusiasts. The auto show will be the place to be this weekend.

Located at the IX Center and presented by Huntington Bank, the event takes place February 24 from 5 pm through March 5, with tickets retailing for $15.00. For $15.00, you can tour the freshest cars, chat with saleswomen and men, and enjoy the food the event offers; regardless, the IX center will have everything you need, including vehicles on your wishlist.

Danielle Venticinque with Volkswagen believes her audience will be "looking forward to seeing the 2024 Atlas. It's a really big refresh, and there's a lot of changes with the engine, the transmission, the interior finishes--just a lot happening there."

The new 2024 Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport will go on sale in the third quarter of 2023.

"I think our GTI is still a big draw, mainly because it's one of our performance vehicles, and it's having its 40th anniversary this year," Venticinque said.

In addition to the Atlas and GTI, Volkswagen's ID.4 is usually hit because it's their EV (electric vehicle).

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Toyota also anticipates a big crowd if you're on the hunt for an American car.

"One of the great things about coming to the Cleveland Auto Show is you're able to see all the fully loaded trim levels of all the Toyota vehicles across the board, from electrified to partial admission, all the way to our brand new Highlander," Beau Hoffman said.

The Toyota Highlander has remained in the top SUVs lineup since it debuted at the 2000 New York auto show.

"The Highlander itself is called the Grand Highlander. It's actually gotten a little bit longer, a little lower to the ground and wider. The good thing about this is that the third row has gotten about 6.5 inches longer, so full adult size in the third row," Hoffman continued.

With an adult-size third row, the Toyota Grand Highlander is a considerably efficient choice for any size family.

The Cleveland Auto Show is about cars and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Subaru makes sure of that with their adopt dogs stand.

"We just want to thank Subaru for all that they do to help pets across the country and all that they do for pets that are at the shelter," Stefanie Merkosky with Northeast Ohio SPCA pet shelter said.

Northeast Ohio SPCA pet shelters are successful every year in helping dogs find homes.

"They (Subaru) are a wonderful partner of ours, and thanks to them, we've been able to adopt over 100 pets into loving homes," Merkosky said.

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Whether it's for the animals, food, or cars, the Cleveland Auto Show will have something for you. Stop by opening night on February 24 at 5 pm through 10 pm. If you can't make it opening night, the auto show runs through. March 5.

Check out the site for more info.

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