Lee Petty Wins First Daytona 500 On This Date In 1959

Today in 1959, the first Daytona 500 auto race was held. Lee Petty was the first winner.

Today in 1980, in a stunning upset, the United States Olympic hockey team defeated the Soviets at Lake Placid, New York, 4-to-3. The U.S. team went on to win the Gold medal. Known as the “Miracle on Ice” the victory over the Soviets was considered a metaphor for the Cold War.

Today in 1993, a jury was seated in Los Angeles in the federal trial of four police officers accused of violating Rodney King's civil rights.

Today in 1997, Scottish scientist Ian Wilmut and his colleagues announced that an adult sheep was successfully cloned. The sheep, named “Dolly,” had been born on July 5th, 1996. Since then, Wilmut has come out against cloning.

Today in 2017, Jay-Z became the first rapper to be inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame alongside Max Martin, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

Today in 2018, new research published in "Science" revealed that Neanderthals, not humans, were the first artists on Earth, producing red cave paintings 65-thousand years ago in Spain.

Today in 2019, Kelly was arrested after turning himself in on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, including with three minors.

Today in 2019, Robert Craft – the owner of NFL team the New England Patriots – was charged with soliciting prostitution, as part of human-trafficking sting operation in Jupiter, Florida. Following a series of evidentiary setbacks for the prosecution, Kraft ultimately walked away clean as prosecutors dropped the charges in September 2020.

Today in 2019, Jussie Smollett was suspended from the FOX series, "Empire," after it was revealed that actor had made false claims about racist and homophobic attack.

Today in 2021, influential French dance duo Daft Punk announced their split after 28 years together.


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