Hottie Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt Turns 44 Today


Christopher Atkins is 62 (“The Blue Lagoon,” “The Pirate Movie”)

William "Billy" Baldwin is 60 (“Flatliners,” “Backdraft”) (FAST FACT: He’s been married to Wilson Phillips’ Chynna Phillips since 1995)

Corbin Bleu is 34 (“High School Musical,” “Dancing with the Stars”) (FAST FACT: He’s also tried his hand at stage acting, appearing in Broadway musicals including “In The Heights” and “Godspell”)

Jack Coleman is 65 (“Dynasty,” “ Heroes,” “The Office”)

Tyne Daly is 77 (“Cagney & Lacey,” “Judging Amy”)

Christine Ebersole is 70 (“Ryan’s Hope,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Tootsie”)

Kelsey Grammer is 68 (“Cheers,” “Frasier,” “Boss”)

Ashley Greene is 36 (“Twilight”)

Jennifer Love Hewitt is 44 (“Party of Five,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Criminal Minds”)

Elliot Page is 36 (“Juno,” “Inception,” “X-Men,” “Gay-cation”)

William Petersen is 70 (“To Live and Die in L.A.,” “CSI”)

Brendan Sexton III is 43 (“Hurricane Streets,” “Desert Blue”)

The late Rue McClanahan (1934 – 2010)…she would have been 88 (“Maude,” “Mama’s Family,” “The Golden Girls”)

The late Alan Rickman (1946 – 2016)…he would have been 77 (“Die Hard,” “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,” “Truly, Madly, Deeply,” “Lee's Sense and Sensibility,” “Harry Potter”) 


Mary Chapin Carpenter is 65

Charlotte Church is 37

Rhiannon Giddens of Carolina Chocolate Drops is 46

Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison is 74

Eric Heatherly is 53

Sublime bassist Eric Wilson is 53

The late General Public’s Ranking Roger (1963 – 2019)...he would have been 60

The late Nina Simone (1933-2003)…she would have been 90 


Celebrity kid Blanket Jackson is 21 (Remember the baby Michael Jackson dangled out a window in Germany? That’s him!)

Comedian/actor/director Jordan Peele is 44 (Acting-wise, “Key & Peele,” “Fargo,” “The Last O.G.,” “Weird City.” His 2017 directorial debut “Get Out,” was met with serious critical acclaim and was a box-office success. With two Oscar nominations – for “Get Out” and Spike Lee's “BlacKkKlansman,” he now has more Best Picture nominations than any other black producer in history. Of course, he also won an Oscar for “Get Out.”)

The late humorist Erma Bombeck (1927 – 1996)…she would have been 96 (She was known for her newspaper column describing suburban home life. Quote: “I haven’t trusted polls since I read that 62% of women had affairs during their lunch hour. I’ve never met a woman in my life who would give up lunch for sex.”)

The late Jean Calment (1875 – 1997) (The French supercentenarian who lived until age 122-years and 164 days, hers was the longest verified human life span in history).

The late entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari (1898 – 1988) (He was a motor racing driver and entrepreneur, the founder of the Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team, and subsequently of the Ferrari automobile marque)

The late Fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy [[oo-BAIR day jee-VAHN-shee]] (1927 – 2018) …he would have been 96 (He founded The House of Givenchy in 1952, and dressed women from Audrey Hepburn to Jacqueline Kennedy.)

The late Georgia Senator John Lewis (1940 – 2020) ...he would have been 83. (For many years, he was the only living member of the “Big Six” of the American Civil Rights movement. As a young man he was chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, which organized sit-ins, freedom rides, marches, and voter registration drives in the South.)

The late Cardinal Deacon John Henry Newman (1801-1890) (quote: “To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.”)

The late writer Anais Nin (1903 – 1977) (Born in France to Cuban parents, she wrote journals – which span more than 60 years – beginning when she was 11-years-old and ending shortly before her death. A great deal of her work, which ranged from novels, critical studies, essays, short stories, and erotica – including “Delta of Venus” and “Little Birds” – was published after her death. She was also known for her torrid affair with author Henry Miller.

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