Cherry Coke Hits The Market On This Date In 1985

Today in 1793, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a citizen of one state may sue a citizen of another state in Federal Court.

Today in 1878, Thomas Edison received a patent for his phonograph.

Today in 1968, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” premiered on PBS. Upon its conclusion in 2001, the show was the longest-running series in PBS history (a record eclipsed by Sesame Street in 2003).

Today in 1974, in response to the GRAMMY Awards, Dick Clark launched the American Music Awards. The program was held just days before the GRAMMYS and the record buying public elected the winners. Smokey Robinson, Helen Reddy and Roger Miller hosted the first "American Music Awards.”

Today in 1985, the Coca-Cola Company introduced Cherry Coke.

Today in 2002, NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft began using its thermal emission imaging system to map Mars.

Today in 2008, Fidel Castro resigned the Cuban presidency. His brother Raul was later named his successor.

Today in 2014, the death toll in Ukraine reached 26 after a government crackdown on protesters.

Today in 2019, Bernie Sanders announced his second presidential run.

Today in 2019, the Vatican confirmed the existence of secret church guidelines for children of priests.


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