America's Top Donors of 2022

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris Getty Images Entertainmen

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has shared its ranking of the top donors in 2022.

While the full list ranks the top 50, here are the top 10 donors last year and the total they gave:

1) Bill Gates-$5.1 billion

2) Michael Bloomberg-$1.7 billion

3) Warren Buffet-$758.8 million

4) Jacklyn and Miguel Bezos- $710.5 million

5) John and Laura Arnold- $617 million

6) Ruth DeYoung Kohler II- $440 million

7) Sergey Brin- $411.4 million

8) Denny Sanford- $333 million

9) Alice Clark- $321.8 million

10) Harry and Linda Fath- $375.3 million

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