First GPS Satellite Historically Launched Into Orbit This Date 1989

Today in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell applied for a patent for the telephone, but he wasn’t alone. Elisha Gray did as well – and yes, on the same day. Sadly for Gray, Bell beat him to the punch.

Today in 1912, Arizona became the 48thS. state.

Today in 1929, the infamous "St. Valentine's Day Massacre occurred in Chicago. Al Capone's gang strolled into a warehouse owned by Bugs Moran, lined up seven members of a rival gang against a brick wall and gunned them to death. To catch a re-enactment, rent the video of "Some Like It Hot."

Today in 1946,the U.N. General Assembly voted to establish the United Nation's headquarters in New York City.

Today in 1946, the first general purpose computer, Electronic Numerical Integrator and Compute (ENIAC), was unveiled at the University of Pennsylvania. It was dedicated the following day. The press referred to it as “Giant Brain.”

Today in 1971, Richard Nixon installed a secret taping system in the White House.

Today in 1989, the first GPS satellite was put into orbit.

Today in 1990, the space probe Voyager 1 took a photograph of the entire solar system.

Today in 2005, the YouTube domain was launched in the United States. YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim posted the very first video, "Me at the Zoo," on April 23rd.

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