Bear Stuck In Snow Ditch - Residents Try To Help By Feeding It Pop Tarts


After finding a huge bear that had become stuck in ice alongside a Minnesota road, a group of Wannaska residents decided to take matters into their own hands by attempting to dig out the dangerous beast -- while feeding it a bizarre assortment of foods that included Pop Tarts, authorities say.

“They served him up a smorgasbord of six Pop Tarts, a head of lettuce, a dead sucker minnow, some Fancy Feast cat food, bird seed and a Swedish fish,” reads a statement issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “That might work for ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ in Eric Carle’s book, but it’s no good for bears. Luckily, because bears don’t have the desire to eat in the winter, the bear didn’t bite."

Before the bear could change its mind, DNR officials showed up, sent the residents home and roped off the area while they freed the creature from his chilly predicament, the agency reports. The bear managed to escape without any injuries, a rep adds.

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