HBCU Head Football Coach Apologizes For Recruiting Florida Prospect

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The head football coach at Albany State University, a historically Black college, apologizes after recruiting a football player who lost his scholarship at a previous institute. 

Albany State University head coach Quinn Gray Sr. received much backlash on social media and from the university after recruiting a student that used a racial slur while rapping to a song. 

University of Florida rescinded its offer from Marcus Stokes following a video that Stokes posted, showing the white football player using the n-word in a song. Stokes responded to the controversial video, “I was in my car listening to rap music, rapping along to the words, and posted a video of it to social media," Stokes said in a statement, according to CBS Sports." I deeply apologize for the words in the song which I chose to say.”

After his scholarship was discarded, the four-star quarterback took to Twitter to announce he received three football offers, one from Albany State University.

Head coach Gray received criticism after extending the offer to Stokes from the university president Marion Ross Fedrick, who stated that Gray’s offer did not meet school standards. The coach rescinded the offer. 

The lengthy apology was posted on Albany State University’s website.

“Let me start with a humble apology. An apology for not honoring the tradition and history of ASU and for letting many of you down. I didn't uphold the Ramily standard that I know you expect. Please know that my decision to speak with a student that did not meet your expectations was unacceptable. I only wanted the best for our team, athletes, and institution when I invited the student to visit ASU. As I say to our players, "there is a consequence to every action,” the apology started. 

The statement continued, “The consequences of my actions brought pain to our University. I was trying to help a student get back in competition, and in my haste, I did not consider the impact the decision would have on all of you. Frankly, it wasn't my place to use ASU as the platform for redemption in this case. I regret that I used flawed judgment.” 

Gray concluded that he “hope(s) to find a way back into the Ramily.”

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