#GoodNews: Group Encourages Kindness With $4,600 Restaurant Tip

A group of diners left a $4,600 tip at a Plymouth, Massachusetts, restaurant. For the second year in a row, members of the Facebook group Wicked Smaht Zone, a bunch of Peloton enthusiasts from New England, performed a wicked act of kindness, leaving a massive tip at a Massachusetts restaurant.

This past weekend, 22 of the more than $1,800 Wicked Smaht Zoners descended on Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth to have breakfast together. When the check came in, the diners left a 1,000% tip on their $400 bill. The $4,600 tip was crowdfunded by the group and in addition to the 22 diners, over 100 other members also chipped in on the tip.

Server Megan Oliveira says she was in tears over the kind gesture and it couldn't have come at a better time. "It's incredible,” she says. “This was the most heartwarming, incredible thing that has honestly ever happened. I couldn't be more appreciative. I could cry talking about it right now." The group hopes as news spreads of their act of kindness it will inspire others to perform small acts of kindness as well.

Source: CBS News

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