#GoodNews: Boy Walking To School Sees Trapped Dog, Leading To Its Rescue

A Florida boy walking to school notices a dog trapped in a pond leading to its rescue. Earlier this week, a boy was cutting through Lucy Dell Park in Tampa headed to school when he noticed a dog stuck in a pond unable to get out.

Firefighters from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue responded to the call for help and found the pup “trapped on some floating vegetation.” Responders quickly realized they wouldn’t be able to get to the dog, so they formulated a plan to rescue it. Using a rope system, they lowered fire medic Gilbert Navas from the boardwalk down to the pup and he was able to lasso the dog and use a large net to pull it back up to the boardwalk.

The pup was taken to the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center where they determined the dog didn’t have a chip. If the dog’s owner doesn’t come forward, they will neuter and chip the pup and put him up for adoption. They plan to register the missing dog with the name “Gil” after his rescuer.

Source: WTSP

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