Fairview Park Police Blotter: Man Accused Of Stealing From Ex-Girlfriend

January 25, 2023           Theft 20123 Lorain Rd.  0922hrs

Officers responded to the Park Tower Apartment complex for a theft report. The caller said that sometime night before, her ex-boyfriend stole some of her property. She noticed the thefts when she got home from work. The victim gave her ex permission to be inside the residence. They had an on again off again relationship and the night before they had rekindled the relationship. He asked if he could stay over because he did not have a place to stay the night. She said yes. The victim went to work and came home around 0400hrs. The ex was not at the residence. She noticed that her belongings had been riffled through and belongings missing. Most of the missing items belonged to previous boyfriend of the victim. Items taken included shoes, clothes, and jewelry. The case is still under investigation.

January 29, 2023  Open Container Motor Vehicle  W. 220 St. at Lorain Rd.  0224hrs

On Sunday, January 29th, 2023, at 0224hrs, a Fairview Park Police Officer saw a white Ford Expedition with Illinois license plates driving 42 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone on Lorain Road. The license plates on the vehicle had expired in 2022. He pulled the car over as it entered the GetGo gas station parking lot at W. 220 St. and Lorain Rd. The driver, a 36-year-old male from Rockford, Illinois, was the registered owner of the vehicle. He told the officer that he was aware the plates were expired, and just hadn't gotten around to getting new ones yet. He said that he was in town visiting his girlfriend, a 36-year-old Shaker Heights woman, who was the passenger of the vehicle. They were on the way home from a concert at a bar in Westlake. The Officer observed an open 32oz can of Bud Light in the passenger door compartment. I asked the passenger, if it was an opened container of alcohol. She was clearly intoxicated, admitted it was alcohol, but said it was a few days old. The can was half full and cold to the touch. The driver was not under the influence. He was warned on the speed violation and cited for expired plates and open container in a motor vehicle violation and released.

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