Trump 2024 Campaign Kickoff Talk From ABC News Steve Roberts

Former President Trump Holds Event In South Carolina To Announce His Presidential Campaign Leadership Team For SC

Photo: Win McNamee Getty Images News

ABC News Political Analyst Steve Roberts spoke to Bill about Trump 2024 Campaign Kickoff - “The gun is fired, and the campaign season has started,” Stephen Stepanek, outgoing chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party, told AP, and so it has. Donald Trump, the only declared candidate for 2024  in either party appeared at events in New Hampshire and South Carolina over the weekend, replaying many of his old songs and boasting he was 'way ahead' in the polls. But like many things Trump says, that's not true. A Marquette Law School poll released this week found that nationally, 64 percent of Republican and right-leaning voters favored Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and only 36 percent backed Trump when choosing between just the two of them. Trump still commands fervent loyalty from the hardcore faithful in MAGA Nation, but the drift away from Trump--and toward DeSantis--in GOP ranks has been clearly visible since Trump announced his third run for the White House right after many of his preferred candidates absorbed embarrassing defeats in last November's elections. 

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