John Adams, Baseball Fan Known for His Drumming at Games, Has Died

(Cleveland) - If you've ever been to a baseball game at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, or Progressive Field, there is no doubt you heard the "boom, boom, boom" of John Adams' drum from the top of the bleachers in center field. Adams, who started playing his big bass drum back in 1973 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, has been silenced. His drum will be heard no more.

The Cleveland Guardians confirmed that John Adams has died at the age of 71.

Adams was such a beloved fan of the Indians, that the team paid for two season tickets. One for Adams, and one for his drum. You'd hear that "boom, boom, boom" as a rally call for the Indians when they were at the plate, and at least one player was in scoring position.

Adams admitted that he started bringing his drum to the game, because it could add to the booming noise when fans would pound the old wooden seats at the stadium. He drummed at his first Indians game on August 24, 1973, an 11-5 Indians victory over the Texas Rangers.

Think about it. How many Indians fans can say they were really there for Len Barker's perfect game, along with games in the 1995, 1997, and 2016 World Series? In the course of more than 3,500 games, Adams drummed at three All-Star Games, 11 Playoff Series, three World Series, and Len Barker's perfect game.

Adams had to skip the entire 2020 season due to fans not being allowed in the ballpark due to COVID restrictions. He also missed the 2021 home opener, as he had to have emergency triple bypass surgery. It was the first opening day he had missed since 1973. On opening day in 2021, since Adams could not be at the season opener, his drumming was taken over by Patrick Carney, of the Akron-based rock band Black Keys.

In 2022, Adams was inducted into the Cleveland Guardians Distinguished Hall of Fame. A bronzed drum and his bleacher seat have been moved to Heritage Park in his honor.

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