Actor Christian Bale Celebrates 49th Birthday Today


Christian Bale is 49 (“The Dark Knight,” “The Flowers of War,” “American Hustle,” The Big Short,” “Hostiles”)

Brett Butler is 65 (“Grace Under Fire,” “Bruno,” “The Young and the Restless,” “Anger Management”)

Danielle Campbell is 28 (“The Originals,” “Runaway,” “Famous In Love”)

Olivia Colman is 49 (“The Night Manager,” “Murder on the Orient Express,” “The Favourite”)

Gene Hackman is 93 (“Bonnie & Clyde,” “The French Connection,” “Enemy of the State,” “Heist,” “Behind Enemy Lies,” “The Unforgiven”)

Charles S. Dutton is 72 (“Rudy,” “Alien 3,” “Roc”)

Mary Hollis Inboden is 37 (“The Real O’Neals”)

Andy Milonakis is 47 (“The Newest Pledge,” “Dumbbells,” “Kroll Show”)

Mavrick Moreno is 24 (“If You Only Knew,” “Parental Guidance”)

Vanessa Redgrave is 86 (“Foxcatcher,” “Call the Midwife,” “Atonement”)

Jake Thomas is 33 (“Locked Away,” “Storytellers”)

Khleo Thomas is 34 (“Holes,” “Roll Bounce,” “Boogie Town”)

Wilmer Valderrama is 43 (“That 70’s Show,” “School Dance,” “NCIS”)

Wayne Wilderson is 57 (“Seinfeld,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Veep”)

Dorothy Malone (1924 – 2018) …she would have been 99 (“Written In The Wind,” “The Day Time Ended,” “Rest in Pieces”)



My Morning Jacket Guitarist Carl Broemel is 49

Tammy Cochran is 51

Phil Collins is 72

Kid Cudi is 39 (born Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi)

Josh Kelley is 43 (FAST FACT: He’s been married to Katherine Heigl since 2007)

Quarterflash guitarist Marv Ross is 71

Jody Watley is 64

The late Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship’s Marty Balin (1942 – 2018) …he would have been 81

The late Steve Marriott (1947 - 1991) …he would have been 76



King Abdullah II of Jordan is 61 (FAST FACT: He made it illegal to detain journalists in Jordan)

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is 82

Reality Star Brooke Hyland is 25 (She was oldest dancer on “Dance Moms,” and wrote a song “Summer Love Song,” which reached the 9th spot on iTunes in 2012)

Activist Dexter Scott King is 62 (The son of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – he has also appeared in the films, “King,” “Our Friend, Martin,” “The Rosa Parks Story”)

Chess player Boris Spassky is 86 (He is known as one of the greatest living chess players, and is the oldest living world champion)

Livia, the late wife of Emperor Augustus of Rome (58 B.C.E. – 29 A.D.) (Her son was Emperor Tiberius, and her grandson was Emperor Claudius. Several years after she died, she was deified as Diva Augusta. Sian Phillips gives a haunting performance as the Machiavellian Livia in the 1976 BBC Television adaption of Robert Grave’s novel, “I, Claudius”)

The late comedian Dick Martin (1922-2008) (He was best known for hosting the program “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”) (FAST FACT: Richard Nixon first said his famous phrase “Sock it to me” on Dick Martin’s show.)

The late President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) (He was the 32nd President of the United States, and the only one to serve four terms. He led the United States through the Great Depression and World War II. FDR had polio, but managed to conceal his illness from the press by walking short distances with a brace in extreme pain. He did not want Americans to see him unable to walk, and there are only three pictures of him in a wheelchair. FAST FACT: FDR was the first president whose mother voted for him.)

The late economic journalist/commentator Louis Rukeyser (1933-2006)…he would have been 90 (He was named by People Magazine the only sex symbol of “the dismal science” of Economics)

The late golfer Payne Stewart (1957 - 1999)…he would have been 66 (Known for his flamboyant attire of ivy caps and patterned pants, he was tragically killed in an airplane accident - the aircraft suffered a loss of cabin pressure and that all on board were incapacitated due to hypoxia).


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