Kansas Driver Gets Lodged Under Big Rig, Dragged For Several Miles

Powerful classic dark big rig semi truck with oversize load sign on the front transporting lumber on the flat bed semi trailer running on the wide highway road

Photo: Getty Images

A compact car that became lodged under a semitruck was dragged for more than eight miles, unbeknownst to the truck driver, authorities say.

The incident happened at about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday in Kansas, where a stunned witness saw the truck driving along Interstate 435 and called 911. "It’s actually going to be a semi that’s pulling a car that’s stuck underneath it," the 911 dispatcher could be heard telling police officers. "They’re now passing Antioch. The caller thinks there’s actually someone in the vehicle that’s stuck underneath the semi.”

Police stopped the truck at 3:46 a.m. and found a 28-year-old Kansas City woman inside the car, a Kia, police say. She was taken to a nearby hospital, according to authorities. Meanwhile, the trucker told investigators he was completely unaware that he'd been dragging a car, adding he never even felt the impact when the woman smashed into his truck.

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