Matt Dolan Announces Candidacy to Challenge U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

Photo: Photo @ElectMattDolan; illustration: Jake Underwood

CLEVELAND - State Senator Matt Dolan has formally announced another run for the U.S. Senate. Dolan is an attorney and Chardon native whose family owns the Cleveland Guardians. Matt Dolan lost in the Ohio GOP primary in 2022 to JD Vance; Vance would defeat Democrat Tim Ryan to replace Rob Portman in Washington.

Now, Dolan hopes to win the 2024 nomination and a chance to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. Dolan is the first of what could be many challengers for the senate seat.

Dolan's resume includes stints as the Chief Assistant Prosecutor for Geauga County and Assistant Attorney General for the State of Ohio.

 Matt Dolan released the following statement this morning, announcing his candidacy for the United States Senate.

“America’s challenges demand the focus of experienced leaders who reject fictional grievances and are ready to do the hard work of getting results to make our future better than the past.

“The crises confronting our nation today are entirely self-made. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan emboldened America’s adversaries. A failure to adhere to the rule of law has resulted in humanitarian and security crises on our southern border that undermine our national sovereignty and strain law enforcement.

“A lot can change in thirty years, but in that time Sherrod Brown’s commitment to his party has remained the same. And if blind loyalty to his party’s agenda 98% of the time wasn’t extreme enough, his willingness to pack the Supreme Court with left-wing judges and gut the filibuster prove just how radical his politics have become. Together with Joe Biden, Sherrod Brown has kicked America’s problems down the road for a generation. Their time is up.

“Ohioans want security, not a federal government that opens our borders, contributes to inflation and demonizes our police. Ohioans want a problem solver who has successfully faced big challenges impacting our quality of life, not the political blame game that lacks commonsense solutions. I have a proven conservative record of success that has yielded results for Ohio families, workers and businesses.

“I am unapologetically committed to putting the needs of Ohio first and delivering results as our next U.S. Senator. With the courage of my convictions, clarity of purpose and a resolute focus on the challenges and opportunities facing our beloved state, I am ready to lead.”

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