Pentagon Orders Military Bases To Be Renamed

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The names of U.S. military bases, posts, ships, streets and more with Confederate ties will be changed in 2023, the Department of Defense announced Thursday. This includes Fort Bragg, which will be renamed Fort Liberty in commemoration of the American value of liberty.

Fort Bragg is currently named after Confederate general Braxton Bragg. Braxton Bragg is "considered one of the worst generals of the Civil War; most of the battles he was involved in ended in defeat and resulted in tremendous losses for the Confederate Army; highly consequential to the ultimate defeat of the Confederacy," the Naming Commission wrote.

William A. LaPlante, the undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment has directed all DOD organizations to begin full implementation of the Naming Commission's recommendations following a mandatory 90-day waiting period. The new names were approved by Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III in September. The project to rename nine U.S. Army posts honoring Confederate soldiers will cost an estimated $21 million, according to the Associated Press.

Fort Polk, Louisiana, for example will be named after Sgt. William Johnson, a Black Medal of Honor recipient for valor during World War I. Fort Benning, Georgia, will be renamed Fort Moore in commemoration of Lt. Gen. Hal Moore, a famed cavalry officer depicted in "We Were Soldiers," and his wife, Julia Moore, who spurred the Army to create casualty notification teams. Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, will honor Dr. Mary Walker, the only female Medal of Honor recipient for her actions treating the wounded during the Civil War. She was also a prisoner of war.

The other bases with their planned new names are:

Fort Bragg, North Carolina -- Fort Liberty

Fort Gordon, Georgia -- Fort Eisenhower

Fort Hood, Texas -- Fort Cavazos

Fort Lee, Virginia -- Fort Gregg-Adams

Fort Pickett, Virginia -- Fort Barfoot

Fort Rucker, Alabama -- Fort Novosel

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