Bernie Kosar Fired by the Browns After Placing Promotional Bet for Charity

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CLEVELAND - Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar was fired by the Browns for betting.  Kosar placed a $19,000 bet through Tipco that the Browns would beat the Steelers on Sunday, and he promised the money would go to charity if they won. 

The Browns in a statement on Sunday said, "Earlier this week we notified Bernie, that per league policy, we were required to remove him from our pregame radio coverage for the season finale after he violated the NFL gambling policy by placing a bet on an NFL game.”

Kosar had been a guest commentator on the Browns radio network on gameday.

 Kosar tweeted “Steelers Gameday yet once again I was informed by the Browns that my services are no longer needed desired or needed. I will not be doing todays radio program. I am shocked & disappointed. Brown & Orange is my life”.

Bernie Kosar joined Bloomdaddy and Carmen at the top of the show Monday afternoon and explained what his thought process was while placing the promotional bet saying,

"I'm not an employee with the Browns so I didn't think that was going to be an issue with it. But when I was approached to do this I really looked at this I didn't want to do it first but then I thought it was amazing opportunity to raise money for my foundations and for my charities to raise awareness for this."

Bernie explained further, saying charity was the driving force behind joining the TIPICO sportsbook promotion.

"(Charity) Really was the impetus that did that and to not do that with any intention to put the Browns the league in a bad position for that but really it was an opportunity I thought to try to just raise money to be able to give back in our community. I started the foundation Community at the Core which is helping communities and people out in Appalachia. There's the community of us NFL players going through so many physical, and mental issues as we age, and how do we rectify and heal ourselves from a natural perspective and not pharma based on pills and taking care of those type communities and raising awareness and money was bluntly something that I did. "

Bernie was asked if he felt bitter about the situation, to which he replied no, saying he sees this as a chance to expand a bring attention to the charities and causes he is working for.

Kosar grew up a Browns fan in Boardman, Ohio, and came to the Browns in the 1st round of the 1985 NFL supplemental draft. He played on the Browns from 1985 until he was cut in the 1993 season. He led the Browns to two AFC championships and four straight playoff appearances.

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