County Executive-Elect Chris Ronayne Hires Two Advisors

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CLEVELAND – County Executive-Elect Chris Ronayne announced two new additions to the incoming administration today: Brendan Doyle, who will serve as Special Counsel to the Executive, and Sabrina Roberts, who will serve as Senior Advisor to the Executive.

“Brendan and Sabrina have a wealth of experience and knowledge of Cuyahoga County services, personnel, and partnerships,” said Chris Ronayne, Cuyahoga County Executive-Elect. “We have to ensure that all government functions and services work together to improve our county and better serve our residents.”

As Special Counsel, Brendan Doyle will focus on intra-county relations with the County Council, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the Courts and advise on legislation, contracts, and board and commission appointments. Doyle will work to streamline communication and processes that exist between county branches and elected offices.

Sabrina Roberts will advise on the county’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), representing the majority of Cuyahoga County expenditures with a nearly $500 million budget. She will advise the County Executive on critical HHS issues and will, evaluate programs and partnerships, and will work with Department Directors to improve employee engagement.

“Experience matters,” said Ronayne. “Both Brendan and Sabrina are equipped with institutional knowledge and are committed to putting the people of Cuyahoga County first. As Special Counsel and Senior Advisor, they will provide critical advice to make our government more efficient and effective.”

The administration has also announced it will post job openings for Law Director and Director of Human Resources on the county’s website.

About Brendan R. Doyle

Brendan R. Doyle has served as Special Counsel to the Cuyahoga County Council since July 2019. In that role, Mr. Doyle assisted Councilmembers with policy initiatives, drafted legislation, and provided legal counsel on matters related to Ohio law, the County Charter, and the County Code. Mr. Doyle previously served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the Civil Division of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office. In that role, Mr. Doyle represented in litigation or served as house counsel for various County agencies and departments, including the Board of Elections, the Sheriff’s Department, and the Department of Children and Family Services. Mr. Doyle has been a practicing attorney for eighteen years.   

About Sabrina Roberts

Sabrina Roberts is the Interim Assistant Director of Cuyahoga County Health and Human Services and Administrator of Health Policy and Programs. During her career at the Cuyahoga County Department of Health and Human Services, she has led multiple projects to expand opportunities for care, advance racial equity and inclusion, and help underserved populations navigate government systems. Ms. Roberts serves as Finance Chair on the Advisory Board for First Year Cleveland, on the Advisory Board for the AIDS Funding Collaborative, and the Advisory Board for the Common Pleas Drug Court. She is a Jack and Jill of America, Inc., Cleveland Chapter member and has served in several leadership roles within the organization. 

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