Ohio AG Dave Yost Will Take on a New Role in 2023

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has been elected president of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) for 2023.

The unanimous vote by the association membership took place recently during the NAAG Capital Forum in Washington.

“The trust of my colleagues is both gratifying and sobering,” Yost said. “This is difficult time for our country, and no less for our institutions. I pledge to lead with humility and courage.”

NAAG, he continued, serves an essential purpose.

“It is to give those of us who uphold the rule of law in each of our states and territories the opportunity to learn from each other. It is to allow us to join our resources to better serve the voters we answer to. It is to help each of us do a better job of ensuring that all the people of the states and territories we serve are afforded equal justice on a level playing field.”

Dave Yost was re-elected attorney general in November by Ohio voters and previously served as chair of NAAG’s Midwestern Region. He was nominated for the national role by his colleagues in the region – which, in addition to Ohio, includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.

Yost is the second Ohio attorney general elected NAAG president since the association’s founding in 1907 – and the first in nearly 70 years. Attorney General C. William O’Neill held the title from 1954-55.

As part of his NAAG leadership role, he will select a presidential initiative and host a Presidential Summit next year in Columbus regarding the fixed issue.

Attorney General C. William O'Neill is the second Ohio attorney general elected NAAG president since the association's founding in 1907. He won the election and became the youngest person to become attorney general in Ohio's history. As attorney general, O'Neill's most significant contribution was his war against narcotic drugs. Photo: https://www.ohiostatehouse.org/museum/governor-portraits/60

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