Milwaukee Bucks Fan & Father Of 3 Scores $10K By Sinking Half-Court Shot

Photo: Getty Images

Although Germelle Scott Sr. says he hadn't picked up a basketball since 2015, he managed to do something that even NBA pros can't always accomplish: Landing a half-court shot at a Milwaukee Bucks game last week.

The father of three had gone to last Monday's game because his son -- Germelle Scott Jr., who has sickle cell anemia -- was being honored as the team's "star of the year." Although he says he wasn't expecting to be thrust into the spotlight, Scott says he reluctantly agreed when he was asked to take the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino Jackpot Shot, which offers a $10,000 prize for sinking the ball from half-court. "I said, 'Sure, why not? Sign me up," he says.

Once he was on the court, Scott managed to make a layup, a free throw and a three-pointer before landing the big money shot. Although he left the game $10,000 richer, Scott says the highlight of the evening was seeing his son's face on the jumbotron after he hurled the ball into the basket. "I was just thinking if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here right now," says Scott, who plans on using the money to buy his children Christmas gifts. "He was cheering, saying, 'Daddy made it! Daddy made it! Daddy made it!'"

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