Coats for Kids and Ken Ganley Auto Group Supply Coats at The Waverly School

Photo: Jake Underwood

CLEVELAND - The Waverly School has students ranging from preschoolers to 8th graders. Those students are called The Waverly Warriors. On Friday, the Waverly Warriors received new coats as another Cleveland winter is coming. Coats for Kids Cleveland held a coat distribution event on Friday at The Waverly School on West 57th Street. The event was made possible with a donation by the Ken Ganley Auto Group.

Ganley Auto Group employees are helping The Waverly School students find new coats. 11-18-22, Cleveland OhioPhoto: Jake Underwood

WTAM had a chance to speak to Debbie Martinko, the Executive Director at Coats For Kids. Debbie started by thanking the Ken Ganley Auto Group.

"We’re here thanks to the Ken Ganley Auto Group. They made a significant donation to Coats for Kids, which allows us to provide a brand-new coat to every child in the school today. So, the Ganley folks are here. They've got multiple people from their dealerships, working with the kids they'll help them find the perfect coat. "

Debbie Martinko says the Coats for Kids staff can only attend a few events yearly, so when they can attend, it never disappoints.

"These are probably among the most heartwarming events that we do, a lot of what we do is getting the coats delivered to the school, we don't get to see them firsthand. So, we do four or five of these events a year, it just gives us a chance to really see the kids. They're so excited, it kind of makes their day. It's just a very heartwarming thing."

The Waverly School - Mrs.Muller Kindergarten Students with their New Coats - 11-18-22, Cleveland, OhioPhoto: Jake Underwood

For more than 40 years, Coats for Kids has helped Northeast Ohio by distributing hundreds of thousands of new and like-new warm winter coats to less fortunate children.

If you want to learn more about Coats For Kids or make a donation, you can by clicking HERE.

Photo: Jake Underwood

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