Mako Shark Jumps Onto New Zealand Fishing Boat

Photo: Maddie Meyer Getty Images Sport

Apparently, a mako shark that lives in the waters off the coast of New Zealand subscribes to the adage, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

While most fish try to break free after they've been hooked, this ocean predator did the exact opposite after it took bait that was meant for kingfish: It leapt out of the water and dropped onto the deck of the fishing boat, says fisherman Ryan Churches. "We were counting our blessings he didn't land on the back of the boat," Churches says.

Surprisingly, the shark's unorthodox plan worked. After thrashing around on the deck for a few minutes, it managed to "wriggle free" of the hook, Churches says. The shark then slid off the deck, dropping back into the water -- apparently unharmed by the ordeal, according to Churches.

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