Michigan Gov Gretchen Whitmer Refers To Women As 'People With A Period'

Photo: Getty Images

Just one day before people head to the polls for the midterm elections, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has made a comment that could cost her a number of votes from women.

In a brief address on TikTok Monday, Whitmer referred to women as "people with a period." The comment came when she was discussing lowering tax on menstrual products. The incumbent Democrat said, "A bipartisan tax cut will help reduce the economic burden of the cost of menstrual products, especially for lower-income Michiganders -- saving people with a period from paying taxes on up to $4,800 in spending over the course of their lifetime."

Prior to Whitmer's comment, the latest poll showed her with a nine-point lead over her opponent in the gubernatorial race.

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