Philadelphia Man Eats Entire Rotisserie Chicken For 40 Days In A Row

Rotisserie Chicken to Go

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Folks in Philadelphia rallied around a man eating a rotisserie chicken for his 40th-straight day on an abandoned pier Sunday, after the eater invited citizens to cheer him on though a cryptic flier posted around the city. Alexander Tominsky began the bizarre food challenge on September 28, sharing updates to millions on social media along the way, as citizens quickly became captivated by his questionable eating habits. Tominsky, a waiter at local steakhouse Barclay Prime, said he first set out on the undertaking because 'it seemed like the right thing to do' - and has since stayed true to his word and consumed one store-bought roast chicken for the past six weeks.

Thirty-nine birds - and a bit of anguish - later, the Philadelphian was poised to conquer his goal Sunday, and subsequently invited citizens to watch him take down the final fowl in a fateful eat-off on an abandoned pier along the Delaware River. Sure enough, hundreds showed up to the makeshift venue despite vague directions offered in a flier posted by Tominsky, 31, ahead of the demonstration, which asserted the get-together was 'not a party' and to be held at 12pm sharp. Like clockwork, residents descended on the nondescript pier to watch Tominsky demolish his 40th chicken in the same amount of days, with adults seen getting on other adults' shoulders to catch a glimpse of the action. Photos and footage from the scene show Tominsky, calm as can be, seated before his fellow city dwellers as he scarfed down the crowning chicken with nothing but some seltzer to wash it down. After roughly 40 minutes,

the local restaurant worker was seen triumphantly showing off the last morsel to revelers who gathered - before swiftly scarfing it down, much to the delight of all those in attendance. Subsequent footage shows Tominsky reveling in the applause from his fellow Philadelphians, who banded together the day after the city's hometown Phillies bowed out of the World Series in an ill-fated Game 6 against the Houston Astros. Now a local hero, Tominsky successfully put a cap on a nearly six-month quest that saw him eat a total of two-score chickens every day since September 28 without fail - and without any seasoning or sides that would have made the ordeal any more appetizing. Tominsky's struggles were documented by photos showing him grow increasingly less impressed with his plate full of plain chicken, and quickly garnered the attention of many online - with thousands eventually offering words of encouragement and others urging Tominsky to press forward with his food journey. Welcoming locals IRL to his 40th straight day of chicken eating, Tominsky's flier announcing the November 6 exhibition offered citizens on simple message: 'Come See Me Eat An Entire Rotisserie Chicken.'

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