Cleveland Brings Back the Leaf Collection Program Starting Nov 14th



CLEVELAND - The City of Cleveland announced on November 2nd, they were making changes to the leaf collection program. After two days of complaints and questions from residents of those areas. Cleveland will resume the leaf collection program as it has been for years.

Below is a map of the city's different areas with leaf collection.

Also, you can read what the city said about the leaf collection program below.


Photo: Cleveland Planning Commission

City of Cleveland will resume traditional leaf collection program beginning Nov. 14 in designated high-generation areas 

Friday, Nov. 4, 2022 – Cleveland – In response to feedback from residents, the City of Cleveland will resume its traditional leaf collection program in previously designated high-generation neighborhoods.  

“I appreciate the feedback we’ve received from residents and members of council,” said Mayor Justin M. Bibb. “We heard you, and we are resuming the traditional program for 2022. We are also exploring ways to enhance leaf collection and other critical city services as we prepare for the 2023 budget and beyond.”  

Residents in previously designated high-generation areas must have their leaves raked to the tree lawn by Nov. 13, 2022. Pickup will begin Monday, Nov. 14, and run for several weeks.  

Signage will be posted in neighborhoods to remind residents not to park on the street on leaf collection days. Residents are also reminded never to rake leaves into the street, where they may clog sewers, create hazards for traffic and cyclists and affect snow and ice removal.  

Residents may still bag leaves and the unlimited pickup rule for bagged leaves this year will apply citywide. Residents who bag leaves may set out an unlimited number of leaf bags with their trash on their regular trash collection day for the remainder of the season.  

Residents may also opt to ‘leave the leaves’ or turn them into mulch or compost for their home gardens and landscapes. 

As we look to 2023, the city will re-evaluate the leaf program and continue to prioritize equity and build capacity with a focus on improving and enhancing city services for all Clevelanders.  

“I heard directly from residents on what we need to do and making sure we deliver is my priority,” Mayor Bibb added. “Delivering on the basics is critical. Despite our current capacity challenges, my administration is committed to making it work and ensuring Cleveland residents have the level of services they need and deserve.” 

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