LS Charley Hughlett (10.29.22)

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

On signing a contract extension with the Browns yesterday:

“Definitely very exciting. I am very happy to stick around here for four more years. This is home to my family and I. All three of my kids born here and be raised here for a little while. It means a lot to my family and me. I am very excited. This team means a lot to me.”

 On LSs only typically getting public attention when things go wrong, which hasn’t happened to him much in Cleveland:

“I prefer to stay anonymous. Not big on the attention. It suits my personality pretty well. Obviously, it is just kind of the life of the snapper. I expect to remain anonymous here for a while.”

 On the low snap last week that rolled back to P Corey Bojorquez:

“Hit the ground as I was snapping it back. I have done that – it has been four or five years – but was still able to get the snap off just fine and nobody really noticed it. That one just stuck in the ground and wasn’t able to get the ball back up. Obviously, Corey and (K) Cade (York) did a great job and our protection did a great job to get us a little extra time to get it off. Those guys I definitely owe a steak dinner to on that one. They saved us.”

 On appearing shocked on the bench following the low snap last week:

“I was shocked. Again, I have never done that before in practice or a game at any level. Don’t expect to do it again. Just keep going and get past it.”

 On if he anticipated he might have the opportunity to potentially spend a decade with the Browns when initially signing with the team in 2014:

“Yeah, absolutely. When that happened, I was on Kansas City’s practice squad. The Browns claimed me to put me on the roster. I could have stayed in Kansas City, but I wanted to come here because I felt like there was an opportunity to be here for a long time. That is why I stuck with it for so long. I didn’t really end up making a 53-man roster until my fourth year out of college, but I knew it was worth sticking with because if you can get a job as a long snapper, you tend to stick around for a long time. That is kind of what kept me going. A lot of believing in myself. I am definitely happy to be here.”

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