DE Myles Garrett (10.29.22)

(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

On challenges pressuring and sacking Bengals QB Joe Burrow:

“He gets it out pretty quick, and he is slipperier than you give him credit for. He is no (Ravens QB) Lamar (Jackson), but he can manage to find an escape when you don’t think there are any. Just their offense works – RPOs, quicks and that threat of that long ball still just keeps you a little on your toes not really knowing exactly the best rush for the moment. Just kind of have to go with your gut feeling. They have had trouble keeping him up in general, but the man himself is as talented as they come.”

 On how Burrow’s pass release time compares to LA Chargers QB Justin Herbert:

“I would say along the same lines. Not too much of a difference. Both very talented.”

 On Burrow releasing the ball quickly but also being sacked multiple times this year and if the rush plan relates to the situation of the game:

“Yeah, as far as each situation on the field and each down and distance, you are preparing a rush in your head based on how long you think he is going to hold the ball. Sometimes they switch up the tendencies, but the Bengals and Burrow, just like any other team, have the tendency of how long are they going to hold the ball and what kind of drop backs they are going to have.”

 On if the Browns defense found something last week with their performance against the Ravens:

“We found something against them on defense at least. Pretty well known on how to prevent them from what they want to and keeping them pretty manageable on the scoreboard. We would like to keep the yardage down with them, but I think we played them very well. I think every team is different. It is kind of like boxing – styles make fights. The Bengals have a good style. It will definitely be a test for us on the back end and being able to get pressure on him and make him uncomfortable, but we have to take the momentum at least defensively back home with us and make sure that we keep flustering this guy and make sure he is not comfortable in the pocket.”

 On how his shoulder and biceps feel and if he feels close to normal:

“I don’t. No. I say it with a smile, but I don’t.”

 On a timeline for when he may get back to full health and if the bye week will be helpful for that effort:

“I am hoping that the bye will help a good amount, but I can’t really tell you. It is hard to really put a number on it. I probably should have taken a good amount of more time off when I came back, but I just do not believe in that. Being myself, I am going to be out there if I can. If I feel like something is not done to significantly alter over the course of my career, I am going to be out there and play.”


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