Python Swallows Indonesian Woman

Photo: Getty Images-ynotstudio / Imazins

The body of an Indonesian woman who went missing Sunday has been found -- in the stomach of a giant python.

After the 54-year-old woman, identified only as Jahrah in media reports, failed to come home from her job on a rubber plantation Sunday, authorities launched a search, according to local police chief S. Harefa. Although searchers didn't immediately find her, they did come across a 23-foot python the following day, he says. "When the security team and residents conducted a search around the rubber plantation, we found a python seven meters long," Harefa says. "It is this snake that is suspected of preying on the victim. After we caught him, we found the victim’s body in the snake’s stomach."

Cases in which pythons devour humans are extremely rare, animal experts say. Only three are known to have occurred since 2018.

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