Pasadena Grandma Attacked By Woman With Pickax

Photo: Getty Images-MANAN VATSYAYANA

In what police are calling an unprovoked incident, a 65-year-old woman with a pickax on Monday attacked a Pasadena home where a grandma was babysitting her six-week-old granddaughter.

Homeowner Arman Tchoukadarian says his daughter was sleeping in a bassinet near a front window when the glass was unexpectedly shattered by the pickax-wielding attacker. Fortunately, Tchoukadarian says, his mother-in-law was able to grab the baby before glass rained down on the bassinet. Although the attacker left, she returned just a few minutes later to continue battering the house with the pickax, breaking more windows and damaging the home's exterior, police say. As she was leaving, the woman could be heard yelling, "Questions? Questions, anyone? I’ll be back. Get out," security footage reveals.

Police had no trouble finding the woman, who's been identified as Beverly Baker -- she was found nonchalantly strolling down the street with the pickax slung over her shoulder. A rep for the police department says investigators suspect Baker is suffering from mental illness. "She needs to be in the right place, getting the right help," Tchoukadarian says. "That’s no excuse to go attack someone’s family, attack someone’s newborn and ruin their dream home, and ruin their life and sanity."

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