Pretty Boy Floyd Killed On This Date In 1934

Today in 1836, Sam Houston was inaugurated as the first elected President of the Republic of Texas.

Today in 1917,suffragette Alice Paul began a seven-month jail sentence for protesting women's rights in Washington.

Today in 1934, Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd, the notorious bank robber, was shot and killed by Federal agents in East Liverpool, Ohio.

Today in 1950, it was a record score in the NFL as the Los Angeles Rams crushed the Baltimore Colts in a regular season game, 70-27.

Today in 1966, the first movie in the U.S. to earn an “M” (for “mature”) rating, “Georgy Girl,” starring Lynn Redgrave and James Mason, opened in theaters nationwide.

Today in 1968, Apollo Seven returned safely to earth, splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean.

Today in 1979, the United States government allowed the deposed Shah of Iran to travel to New York for medical treatment – a decision that precipitated the Iran hostage crisis.

Today in 1979, Walt Disney World logged its 100-millionth guest.

Today in 1983, at the Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia, an armed man crashed a truck through the front gates and demanded to speak with President Ronald Reagan. The president was never in danger though several of his aides were taken hostage.

Today in 1981, the US national debt topped $1-trillion for the first time.

Today in 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on this day, but wrote his last name first. The signing, however, remains legal.

Today in 1994, North Korea signed pact to end their nuclear projects.

Today in 2010, MLB American League Championship: Texas Rangers beat New York Yankees, 4 games to 2.

Today in 2017, the “LA Times" published their investigation with 38 woman accusing Hollywood writer-director James Toback of sexual harassment. Within 48 hours following that initial release? That number grew to more than 200 women.

Today in 2020, Goldman Sachs agreed to pay record $3-billion to end probe into its role in 1MDB corruption scandal to regulators in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

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