Hand Grenades Labeled "Explosive" Washing Ashore Along Central Oregon

Photo: Getty Images

Law enforcement in Oregon have issued a warning to the public after at least three live hand grenades washed up on the shore of a beach along the state's central coast. Newport Police Department officers responded Oct. 4 to  the Newport area between Yaquina Bay State Park and Agate Beach after receiving multiple reports of "explosive" hand grenades being found, the department wrote in a news release. The beach is about 110 miles southwest of Portland. In all, officers have responded to reports involving three devices they said apparently washed ashore on beaches in that area. The Oregon State Police Bomb Squad responded and seized the devices, the department wrote in the release

It was not immediately known where the devices are from and how they ended up in the water and eventually on shore.

"If you encounter such a device, please do not handle or attempt to move it," the department wrote. 

Anyone who finds one is asked to call the local police department and report it.

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