Late O.J. Simpson Attorney Johnny Cochran Would Be 85 Today


Camilla Belle is 36 (“10,000 BC,” “When a Stranger Calls,” “Practical Magic,” “Push”) (FAST FACT: she appeared in a newspaper advertisement before she was a year old)

Lorraine Bracco is 68 (“The Sopranos,” “Goodfellas,” “Rizzoli & Isles”) (FAST FACT: She moved to France and worked as a fashion model for Jean-Paul Gaultier)

Avery Brooks is 74 (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “American History X,” “Hawk on Spenser”)

Brianna Brown is 43 (“General Hospital,” “Knocked Up,” “The 40 Year Old Virgin”)

Brendan Meyer is 28 (“Mr. Young,” “Dinosapien,” “Tooth Fairy”)

Efren Ramirez is 49 (Pedro in “Napoleon Dynamite,” “Crank,” “Employee of the Month”)

The late Bud Abbott (of “Abbott & Costello”) (1897-1974)

The late Groucho Marx (1890-1977) (Born Julius Henry Marx, he was part of the legendary Marx brothers , which included Chico and Harpo. He also hosted the radio show, “You Bet Your Life”) (FAST FACT: His original career goal was to become a doctor)

The late George “Spanky” McFarland (original member of “Our Gang” kids comedy cast) (1928-1993)… he would have been 94


Don McLean is 77 (FAST FACT: Back in 2001, “American Pie” was voted #5 on a list of the 365 Songs of the Century)

Slipknot’s Jim Root is 51

Genesis (and Mike + The Mechanics) guitarist Mike Rutherford is 72

Sting is 71 (FAST FACT: Born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, he delivered milk early in the mornings when he was a child)

Tiffany is 51 (Her given name, Tiffany Renee Darwish)

Kelly Willis is 54

The late Proof (aka DeShaun Holton, late member of Eminem’s D12) (1973-2006)…he would have been 49


Fashion designer Donna Karan is 74

Iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz is 73

TV personality Kelly Ripa is 52

The late lawyer Johnnie Cochran Jr. (The creator of the “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” defense of O.J. Simpson) (1937-2005)…he would have been 85

The late civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) (FAST FACT: He studied law at the University College, London – and that’s where he began to abstain from meat and alcoholic beverages.)

The late King of England King Richard III (1452-1485)

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