Baby In Backyard Shed Found By Texas Family

Newborn Infant Yawning in Crib

Photo: Getty Images-Purple Collar Pet Photography

When John and Katharine McClain's dog wouldn't stop barking at their backyard shed on Saturday, the Texas residents finally went outside to investigate -- and found something they couldn't possibly have expected: a baby.

The Arlington couple says the discovery came after their security camera showed a man trying to open the doors to their vehicle before stealing their neighbor's pickup truck. When the neighbor reported the theft to police, they thought the excitement was over -- until their dog, Archie, started acting up. "I came out here with him and heard a cry," John says. "So when I opened it up, the baby was laying right by the motorcycle."

A short time later, police tracked down the neighbor's stolen truck -- and sure enough, the man behind the wheel was the baby's father, authorities say. He's now facing a handful of charges, including abandoning or endangering a child, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. "I just hope he comes out and takes care of his kid and cleans his act up," John says.

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