Does Going To College Make Sense? "Business Insider" Gregg Stebben

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"Business Insider Gregg Stebben spoke to Bill about...

1. Here's who should definitely go to college:

* People who passionately want to work in a field that requires a college education

* People who passionately want to go to college because they value learning and knowledge and education

2. Here's who should be careful about going to college:

* People who are going to college because it's the path of least resistance, or they're going because they don't know what else to do right now, or they're only going because their parents expect them to go to college. 

* People who are taking out loans to go to college but have no real plan for paying those loans back

3. Here's who might be better off getting an education another way:

* Entrepreneurs - get a mentor

* Those with trade experience, or who want to be a trades person - go to a trade school, or become an apprentice

4. Do college graduates make more money than non-graduates?

Not necessarily, particularly after you account for college students who have to pay back student debt over many years

5. What about people who don't even graduate from high school?

Financially, they are at the greatest disadvantage.

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