QB Jacoby Brissett Following the Loss (9.18.22)

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns

CLEVELAND, OHIO - SEPTEMBER 18: Jacoby Brissett #7 of the Cleveland Browns during warmups before the game against the New York Jets at FirstEnergy Stadium on September 18, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)Photo: (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

On his ankle and if he will be able to play on Thursday night against the Steelers:

“For sure. I will be fine.”

 On if he was experiencing pain with the when returning to play:

“Just a little bit. I should be fine.”

 On if there was ever a question about returning for the next offensive series:

“Not a question. No.”

 On the loss after establishing a late lead:

“It is tough. This league is funny. This one was tough. It just shows you can’t take anything in this league for granted. Not even talking about the end of the game, a bunch of plays early on, miscues and things of that nature. We have a short week. We have to bounce back fast. I think the guys understand that. I think everybody is up for the task because we have no other choice.”

 On his mindset with the NY Jets recovered the onside kick:

“Nothing really. I wish we had recovered it, but hey, we didn’t. (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) puts us through these situations. It is just, ‘Hey, just go respond, respond, respond.’ That was going through my head is when we get out there, we just have to respond.”

 On Stefanski stating inexperience on the team has shown up in mistakes in the first two games and if he has made the same observation:

“Yeah, sure, but it is not [just] young guys; it everybody is picking their turns. It is a long season obviously. The mistakes in this game cost us big in every phase of the game. That just can’t happen because if you keep a team in this league around, anything can happen, and today was that day. We just have to regroup. Like I said, we have a short week and a division opponent so we have to be ready to go.”

 On understanding the team wins and loses as a team and if the offense progressed better for him this week than last week:

“Yeah, definitely. Like you said, we lost as a team. That is the tough part is that is still on my mind right now that we did lose. Just still going back through the film and being critical of myself in situations because we didn’t score every time we touched the ball. There are obviously things that we can work on or that I can work on. This team can, and I think this team will.”

 On if the Browns made a concerted effort to get WR Amari Cooper the ball more this week:

“I think it was just the flow of the game. A lot of the ones that we got PI (defensive pass interference on) last week we didn’t this week, and we actually had a chance to connect. I thought he played well. Yeah, it was just more the flow of the game.”

 On if it may eat at Cooper that he was one of the Browns players who was closest to the onside kick that the NY Jets recovered:

“I would have to ask him if it is eating at him. I think we all know there are more plays in the game than the onside kick.”

 On if he feels the responsibility as a leader to address the team following the loss, including the defense and special teams:

“Listen, it is the second game of the season. We have 15 now because it is a 17-game season. We have a ways to go. We have a lot of leaders in that room. We have a lot of good players in that room and a lot of good teammates. I understand that me being one of the ‘older guys’ – I am still young but one of the older guys – not to bump our people with words and let guys figure things out. I think we have the right guys, the right men in that room to do that. I think they will. The sun is going to come up tomorrow. I think the guys understand that, and we have to get ready to go on a short week.”

 On if the short week is a ‘almost like a blessing in disguise’ following the loss:

“Yeah, for sure. Probably. I definitely think it will help because we have no time to feel sorry for ourselves. I think we understand that we have a big task coming in on Thursday. If we spend any time dwelling on this, that will be a disservice for us on Thursday.”

 On playing in front of the home crowd at FirstEnergy Stadium for the first time:

“It was awesome from start to finish. Wish we could have gotten it done, especially on the home opener and being in front of this crowd. They gave us all they had. This one is tough. Hey, we get another chance to go out there in front of them Thursday, and that is the plan.”

 On if there was a specific reason Browns players were upset following the interception to end the game, including potentially like some thought there should have been a flag:

“We were upset they got an interception. I didn’t see all of that.”

 On if there is anything positive he can say to the fans after the boos at the end of the game:

“I honestly zoned out. I couldn’t hear. I think at all moments, I don’t think I ever really pay attention and I try not to pay attention to outside noise. Listen, it is an emotional game. We have emotions, and they have emotions. Again, like Coach always says, we need to block out the outside noise. I know we will. We have no other choice. Hey, it is part of the NFL. Those things happen, and we just have to get better.”

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