Possible Abduction in Wickliffe Suspect Still At Large

Photo: Wickliffe Police Department

(WICKLIFFE) - On September 13th, around 3:15 in the afternoon, Wickliffe Police Department received a call of a possible attempted abduction of an 11-year-old student on Lloyd Rd. at the intersection of Clayton Ave.

Officers responded to a call that a student had been walking northbound on Lloyd Rd and, just before crossing the street, an older white male wearing a yellow shirt in a dark grey Volkswagen SUV with dark rims was stopped on Clayton Rd. and waived to the 11-year-old girl to cross the street.

The student walked across the intersection, and the VW turned right and stopped next to the student on Lloyd Rd. Reports say that the man spoke to the female through the rolled-up window and gestured towards the back of the SUV. The student became frightened, turned around, and quickly walked away. The VW then left northbound on Lloyd Rd, continuing past Grand Blvd.

Two people witnessed what happened and contacted 911. Wickliffe Police have received no other information about other similar circumstances occurring recently.

This incident is still under investigation, and Wickliffe Police ask anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has any other information to contact Detective Sgt. James Coolick at 440-943-1234.

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