Workers Use Coal Mine To Power Broken-Down Electric Car

Photo: George Frey Getty Images News

A Washington D.C. couple is safe and sound after a group of workers used their coal mine to power up their disabled vehicle.

The incident occurred last week when the unidentified couple's Tesla ran out of power while they were driving along Corridor H in Tucker County, according to coal miner Daniel House. Being that the road is mostly used by 18 wheelers, a group of Mettiki Coal miners who saw the broken-down vehicle knew the couple was in danger. "That's just not a good place to be, so we had to figure out a way to get them out," House says. "I noticed that the people who broke down were from Washington, D.C., and I do know that sometimes coal miners have a bad rap." So House got his coworkers together and pushed the car into the mine, where they hooked it up to a power supply and recharged its battery.

The good deed hasn't gotten by State Senator Randy Smith, who says, "It was pretty ironic -- to be plugged into a coal mine. You can't make this stuff up. We had some good conversations; we're still laughing about it."

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