Canton's Pro Football Hall of Fame Opens On This Date In 1963

Today in 1630, the city of Boston, Massachusetts was founded.

Today in 1888, Edith Eleanor McLean became the first premature baby to be placed in an incubator. She weighed 2-pounds, 7-ounces. Originally, the incubator was called a hatching cradle.

Today in 1892, the first world heavyweight title fight to use the Marquis of Queensberry Rules (including boxing gloves and three-minute rounds) was held in New Orleans. James Corbett knocked out John L. Sullivan in round 21.

Today in 1894, Thomas Edison used his newly-invented "kinetoscope" to record the heavyweight boxing bout between Gentleman Jim Corbett and Peter Courtney. The kinetograph came three years later. Why the difference? Most early kinetoscope films disintegrated or burned because of the film's nitrate (acidic) base.

Today in 1923, the International Criminal Police Organization – aka Interpol – was formed in Vienna.

Today in 1963, the Pro Football Hall of Fame opened in Canton, Ohio.

Today in 1979, the cable channel Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, ESPN, was launched as the nation's first all-sports channel.

Today in 1986, Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins threw his 100th career touchdown pass in his 44th NFL game, setting a football record. Despite the milestone, the Dolphins lost to the San Diego Chargers, 50-28.

Today in 1990, Kimberly Bergalis of Fort Pierce, Florida came forward to identify herself as the young woman who had been infected with AIDS, apparently by her late dentist. She died the following year.

Today in 1995, after 27 years in the Senate, Bob Packwood (R-OR) announced he would resign, heading off a vote by colleagues to expel him for allegations of sexual and official misconduct.

Today in 1998, Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire equaled Roger Maris' single-season home run record as he hit homer number 61 during a game against the Chicago Cubs. Of course, his record has been tarnished by the revelations of PEDs.

Today in 1999, it was announced that Viacom Incorporated was buying the CBS Corporation for $35.6-billion – the richest media merger in history at the time.

Today in 1999, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake rocked Athens, Greece. As it ruptured a previously unknown fault, killing 143, injuring more than 1000, and leaving 50,000 people homeless.

Today in 2008, the government took control of the two largest mortgage financing companies in the US, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Today in 2014, Asteroid 2014 RC made a “close approach” to Earth – at 24,800 miles.

Today in 2017, an 2 magnitude earthquake hit southwest of Pijijiapan, Mexico killing nearly 100 – it was the strongest Mexican quake in a century.

Today in 2017, consumer credit reporting agency Equifax revealed that an earlier cyberattack could affect 143-million Americans. 

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