Head Coach Kevin Stefanski (8.21.22)

Opening statement:

“Disappointed not to get a W. Obviously, anytime we are keeping score, we want to get the win. Disappointed with that. Having said that, those guys competed like crazy. Very, very pleased with the effort out there. Got some excellent reps and excellent exposure to a bunch of young guys who ultimately will help us make some decisions – hard decisions. Good effort out there, and it caps off I thought a really good week.”


On what QB Joshua Dobbs did well today:

“He moved around really well. That scramble down the left sideline was obviously outstanding. Got us in the right plays like he does. A very intelligent young man. He gave the guys opportunities to make some plays.”


On if the Browns considered going for a TD on fourth down at the end of the first half instead of a FG:

“In a normal game, you do things differently. In this instance, we felt like let’s throw a quick fade, let’s get the ball and hug the ceiling with the throw so we know that time will not expire. Take one shot at the endzone, and we do not love to kick those short field goals, but it is an operation long snapper to holder to kicker so we get some opportunities in that game.”


On if the Browns considered attempting a 65-yard FG with three minutes to go in the game:

“No, I felt like we needed the reps on offense there.”


On GL Michael Dunn’s performance at C:

“I would say it is really hard to tell right now. I would just say with Michael Dunn, you are going to get a very diligent worker, a kid who is going to be assignment sound all of the time and is going to play really, really hard through the whistle. That is what you get with Michael Dunn.”


On how the Browns defense performed, especially given missed tackles in the first half:

“Yeah, I think we did miss tackles. We did not get off the field enough. Really, we did not take the ball away. We took it away three times this last game and did not take it away once in this game. That is not who we are in our DNA so that was disappointing. Ultimately, we just need to get off the field more in that first half.”


On Dobbs and WR Anthony Schwartz going from an incompletion to connecting for a completion on the next play and what that does for Schwartz’s confidence:

“I think those were really good reps for Anthony to be able to build on a really strong week and come out here and get some opportunities and get the ball in his hand a couple of times I thought was good.”


On RB Jerome Ford flashing ability in the receiving game, in addition to the running game:

“They did not throw him a ton of balls at Cincinnati so as part of the evaluation, you are going off of Pro Day and those type of things. Since we got him on campus, he has done a very nice job in the pass game. He catches it and runs good routes so that is an element of his game.”


On what Dobbs has shown this preseason despite having only previously thrown 17 NFL passes:

“I thought Dobbsie has given us some really good reps going all of the way back to the spring and through training camp. He has done a nice job in there running the huddle. Then he is very, very athletic, and that shows up in games more than it does in practice because you are not allowed to get tackled with the orange jerseys. Always good to see him making plays with his feet.”


On Dobbs’ solid pass to WR Mike Harley Jr. and other examples of Dobbs’ ability to fit the ball into challenging windows:

“Yeah, without a doubt. He sees it really clearly. He is so intelligent, but I think he processes really well. For him to get through his progressions and deliver the ball on time and accurately is what we ask him to do.”


On if acquiring QBs who have can make plays with their feet was an emphasis this offseason:

“I would not go so far to say that. I just think the guys we were able to add have some skillsets that allow them to make plays with their feet.”


On WR David Bell’s performance in his first preseason game:

“I think he did a nice job. I know he wants one play back. First time out there. First time in an NFL game, albeit the preseason. I am sure there is a little bit of jitters there. He made a couple of plays, and again, I think he is just a young man that will continue to get better.”


On CB Martin Emerson Jr.’s status:

“He will be fine. A finger injury. He is fine.”


On CB A.J. Green being evaluated for a concussion in the first half:

“He was. Ongoing evaluation.”


On DT Perrion Winfrey heading to the locker room prior to the fourth quarter’s two-minute warning:

“I do not have an update. We will check in on him.”


On Dobbs collecting a mishandled snap and still running for a TD:

“That is how we drew it up (laughter). It makes life easier on a play caller when you have a kid who can scoop the ball up and go score. Nice job.”


On offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt seeming to call some offensive plays today:

“We always use this preseason to give a bunch of guys reps. AVP called them in the last game, and (quarterbacks coach) Drew Petzing called some in the last game. AVP called some today, and (pass game coordinator/wide receivers coach) Chad O’Shea called some today. We are doing the same thing on the defensive side. Just felt like it is always important to get our guys reps in that area.”


On the performance of the Browns DBs:

“They are playing really hard. We have to get our hands on them. If the ball is tipped, we have to have it. We have to make sure we finish plays, and I would like them to play cleaner with their hands – -too grabby at times. Now, they are competitive and they are working like crazy, but there is room for improvement.”


On if he expects anybody who was injured this past week and inactive for the game to be back this week:

“We will see. I think a little too early to tell.”

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