Woman Flying With Her Children Drops Dead

Photo: Getty Images

The children of a British woman were forced to sit next to their mother's dead body for eight hours after she unexpectedly passed away on a flight from Hong Kong back to England, authorities say.

Helen Rhodes was found to be unresponsive aboard the flight on Friday when the plane was still eight hours away from its first stop in Frankfurt, Germany, according to family friend Jayne Jeje. With nowhere to store Rhodes' body, airline officials were forced to leave it in her seat until the plane landed, Jeje says.

"Helen and her family wrapped up a life in Hong Kong of over 15 years to embark on a new chapter living back home in the U.K.," Jeje says. "Helen was excited and nervous about the move, but looked forward to seeing her family back home, as she had not seen her family or ageing parents since the pandemic began. Sadly, she never got to see them again."

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