Egg McMuffins Smuggling Gets Traveler Fined More Than $2K

Photo: Justin Sullivan Getty Images News

A person traveling from Indonesia to Australia has been slapped with a $2,664 fine after airport security personnel found two Egg McMuffins and a ham croissant hidden in the traveler's backpack, authorities say.

The forbidden contraband was discovered by a security dog at Darwin airport in Australia, which maintains strict regulations on edible items from outside countries to prevent non-indigenous insects and diseases from infecting its food, says Agriculture Minister Murray Watt.

The amount of the fine is equivalent to the cost of 567 Egg McMuffins, according to CBS News. "This will be the most expensive Maccas meal this passenger ever has," Watt says.

Authorities are cracking down on passengers bringing in items after an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Indonesia that spread to the popular Australian tourist destination, Bali. 

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