Downtown Cleveland Alliance Update With CEO Michael Deemer - 7-27-22

Photo: Deemer-DCA-Scooter-WTAM

Michael Deemer, President & CEO from The Downtown Cleveland Alliance spoke to Bill about Wrapping up the month of July what’s happening Downtown in the month of August

  • Our focus is fueling “the connection is stronger Downtown” campaign to encourage office workers to return
  • The campaign is proving successful with 60 percent of office workers having returned to Downtown according to our July Recovery Report
  • Our campaign is focused on animating Downtown with memorable activities and experiences that can only be found in downtown to draw office workers back


  • Last week, we hosted our annual Christmas in July event in North Coast Harbor. Great event bringing families to NCH and our beautiful lakefront


  • This week we kicked off a partnership with Playhouse Square, launching Pop-ups at US Bank Plaza, every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am-1:30pm and 4pm-6-pm
    • Event includes live music and games


Pop-ups at US Bank Plaza is an addition to our ongoing campaign events:

  • Walnut Wednesday in Perk Park, Music on the Malls- Wednesday Afternoon,


Michael, how do these events impact local business?


  • The increased foot traffic directly impacts downtown’s small businesses.
  • Storefront businesses like grocers, clothing stores, restaurants, bars, and cafes depend on foot traffic to thrive
  • Animating downtown with experiences draws people in and adds to the customer base for small businesses


To make it easy to support small businesses, DCA recently Launched Downtown Dollars

  • Downtown Cleveland recently launched CLE Coin- Downtown Dollars
  • Downtown Cleveland digital gift card- to be used at select Downtown Cleveland locations
  • Supporting local small businesses- Shop small, shop local


For more information on CLE Coin, events or if you’re interested in relocating or expanding your business into Downtown Cleveland, visit Downtown

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